Those poor little bums. 
Nappy rash is one of the tougher challenges when it comes to your baby's first year. The angry, scaly rash often looks a LOT worse than it really is. First up, it is extremely common and most babies will get it at some stage before they are two years old. 
So, what causes it?
Well, it's a result of that baby soft skin getting irritated because of moisture from frequent peeing as their little insides mature.  They can also get it when they start teething. The good news? It is very simple to treat and usually clears up within about three days. 
But like everything with motherhood, being prepared is key - so here's our lowdown on everything nappy rash related (and how to get rid of it fast.)
So, the most common reason your little cutie has a rosy tush is simply because they are wearing a nappy 24/7 and the friction causes a lot of inflammation and irritation.
The rash can sometimes be caused by an infection which changes the pH levels of your baby's urine and can make a pre-existing nappy rash even worse. Allergies can also sometimes manifest themselves with a rash on your baby's sensitive skin around the bum. If you think baby might have such an allergy or an infection it is best to see your doctor. 
But the best way to navigate your way through nappy rash is by trying to leave the nappy off each day for as long as you can to let fresh air at the skin. 
Do change baby's nappy as often as you can so that moisture doesn't rub against their skin. Get Daddy to roll up his sleeves for this one, ladies! 
Gently splash with warm water and try to avoid harsh soap products as this could irritate their skin even more. A great tip I got when my daughter was a baby was to carry some clean, dry washcloths in my nappy bag. Even if you do use wipes, it is a good idea to pat their bums dry with the cloth to make sure they are completely moisture-free before you put on their nappy cream. Pat, don't rub. 
Apply a generous layer of a barrier cream all over the red area, I found Caldesene powder worked really well for all of my three children. It protects the skin from the moisture that can irritate, it provides a barrier and helps heal the rash faster. Win-win.
Try to steer clear of using tight pants OVER the nappy as they can press the wet nappy closer to baby's bum and make things even worse. 
You can also put an old towel underneath baby during nappy-off time.  Unless you want your house to smell of Eau d'Infant Wee. Before bath-time is a good time to do that in case they do soil themselves - because, believe me, it happens. 
Good luck with your mission! 
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