How a home buyer warranty can benefit your clients
Help your clients buy with confidence by offering them a home warranty from HWA. HWA provides various plan options and optional coverage so they can find protection tailored specifically to their home at a competitive price.
Home warranties can be an attractive selling point in a competitive housing market and provide buyers with savings in upfront costs.

1. Peace of Mind

Conventional wisdom suggests that those with greater peace of mind tend to lead healthier and happier lives. Home warranties provide buyers with peace of mind in case anything breaks in their new home, providing added peace of mind should anything go wrong in its first few months of ownership.
Buyers who have invested their time and money in purchasing their home already can find themselves faced with unexpected repair bills for HVAC or water heater systems, which could prove devastating for their budgets. A home buyer warranty provides protection from these unexpected expenses while helping rebuild emergency savings accounts. The first time home buyer warranty offers even more protection.
Sellers may consider offering a home warranty during their listing period as an attractive marketing incentive to attract buyers and make the sale more likely. It is essential, however, that homebuyers review each warranty provider's contract in detail to make sure that their systems and appliances are covered appropriately; this is particularly crucial if your home features older appliances that may not be covered under its coverage.

2. Prevent Unexpected Expenses

First-time home buyers often underestimate the costs associated with maintenance, particularly if one or more appliances or systems break. By investing in a home warranty policy, new homeowners can rest easy knowing they have protection from unexpected expenses associated with homeownership - not to mention not using up their emergency fund funds for routine or major repairs!
Buyers should ask the seller if they offer a home warranty and request documentation of its policy prior to closing. Buyers should take note of whether preexisting conditions and maintenance records are covered under their policy; as this can help avoid claim denial.
Offering home warranties as incentives can make the buying and selling process less stressful for all involved parties. Home warranties protect both buyers and sellers from unexpected repair costs while simultaneously improving a home's appeal to prospective buyers - not to mention helping seal deals when nervous buyers enter negotiations! Visit HWA to find out more about its home buyer warranty plans here.

3. Save Money on Repairs

Home warranties offer homeowners significant savings on repairs by covering part of the bill for covered items and charging them only a nominal service fee and deductible payment in return.
Home warranties can be an attractive option for first-time home buyers, who tend to be more vulnerable than more established homeowners when it comes to unexpected expenses. They may not have as much saved up in an emergency fund and/or are still trying to negotiate mortgage rates and offers.
Home warranty costs vary widely between providers. While some plans offer standard coverage options, others permit buyers to upgrade or add on specific appliances and systems. To compare costs accurately, homebuyers should read each company's contract to see which systems and appliances it covers as well as any deductibles; then compare annual premiums until finding their perfect provider.

4. Build an Emergency Fund

Home warranty companies charge an annual premium that must be paid either upfront or as installments over time. It may be wiser to place this money into an emergency fund rather than spend it on policies which might or might not pay out claims in the future.
Real estate agents frequently recommend home warranties as an added measure to provide protection in case anything breaks before closing on a house. Sellers can even offer one year of home warranty coverage as an incentive in a competitive market to entice buyers.
Home warranties make sense for people who wish to avoid incurring unexpected and large repair bills from unexpected repairs, and those who'd rather hire professionals than deal with repairs themselves. Before purchasing one, however, it's essential that they carefully consider all available options and costs associated with this purchase; read online reviews about each home warranty company as well as ask their real estate agent for recommendations.