Soothers often end up on the ground, in the sand pit, under the couch and covered in fluff no matter how hard you try to keep them clean! 


However, while they are a great comfort to your baby, if you do decide to get one, there are a few things that you need to be aware of to ensure they are safe for your little one at all times. 


Follow these tips to ensure your youngster’s soother is cared for properly and poses no risk to them:


1. How to keep it clean

Until the age of one you will need to sterilise your child’s soother before you give it to them; don’t clean it with your own saliva as this increases the spread of germs.


2. When to replace it

The need to replace your child’s soother really depends on how often they use it; if they are prone to chewing, pulling or biting it you will need to get a new one more often. And remember , always check its condition before you give it to you little one.



3. What to look for?

When checking the pacifier look out for signs of discoloration, holes, tears or stickiness. Never give it to your baby if there is a chance that they could choke on them, no matter how much they cry for it. Cracked or split pacifiers can also be dangerous so never give one to your child like this. 


4. How to secure it

Only secure the soother to your child’s bib or top with a special clip. Never wrap it around their neck and never tie the pacifier on with a ribbon or piece of string as there is a risk of strangulation.


5. Things to avoid

  1. Never dip your child’s soother into anything sweet as it can damage their growing teeth.
  2. Never make your own pacifier out of a bottle nipple as they can choke.
  3. Never let your youngster walk or crawl around with it in their mouth. 


If you are planning on weaning your child off their soother, follow these top tips