How to ease your little one’s nappy rash
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All parents wince at the mention of nappy rash. As much as it causes us unease, we would happily suffer through it if it meant our baby didn’t have to. The dreaded Nappy Rash is caused by a reaction between your baby’s urine and bacteria which forms ammonia. If the nappy is not changed quickly, this can cause a stinging and redness on their poor little bum. Though it’s a pain, nappy rash is easily treatable and there are also many ways to prevent it.
Use water to wipe
Try not to use anything other than water on while wiping your baby’s bottom. Fragranced wipes can cause irritation. Try cotton wool with water or water wipes instead. It can help to give baby a quick bath after changing, especially before bed time.
Pat dry, don’t rub
After a nappy change, pat your baby’s bottom dry gently instead of wiping. This motion will be more comfortable on the rash. Though too much contact with the rash while cleaning can cause discomfort, you must be thorough and make sure baby’s bum is dry before applying powder.
Use Caldesene Powder
Caldesene Powder is a household favourite.  This medicated baby powder is for the treatment and prevention of nappy rash. It soothes baby’s skin, targeting harmful bacteria. Working as a moisture barrier, this genius powder contains corn-starch and zinc oxide. This formula creates a protective seal against moisture keeping skin dry and reduces the risk of chafing.
Take that nappy off!
Take some time to let their little bums breathe. Babies love to be in the nip, their little eyes light up when they become free from the restrictions of clothing. Nappy rash can be relieved by letting them bare all in cosy room! Remember, lay a towel down to avoid any accidents…
Leave acidic foods off the menu
Avoid any fruit or juice as they are high in acid and can agitate the nappy rash. Leave the following acidic foods out of their diet until the nappy rash has cleared up: Strawberries
citrus fruits, pineapple, grapes, raisins, apples, peaches and pears.
Avoid tight clothing
Tights or tight pants over the nappy is a non-no as it can compress the wet nappy closer to baby's bum making them more irritated. Try a loose baby grow or flowing pants while the rash is still there.
Wash your hands frequently
This is a big one because we’re constantly in physical contact with our little ones and are hands are picking up all sorts of bacteria throughout the day. Wash hands before and after changing baby. This will prevent the rash from coming into contact with infection and bacteria which would cause more pain.
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