How to master those nappy changing challenges
It sometimes feels as if you’re changing your little one’s nappy a hundred times a day.
Some days, it's a quicker and easier task but on others, baby doesn’t seem to be in the mood to co-operate with your super nappy changing efforts.
Here are a few tips to make nappy changing time that little bit easier for mum.
Distract your little one
Your little one can be as quiet as a church mouse one minute, and then when it comes for them to lie still for nappy changes, they are wide awake and ready to wiggle. To have an easy nappy changing experience, keep your baby occupied and distracted. Sing songs, install a mobile over the changing table, shake a rattle, play peekaboo, or hand him or her a special toy or book saved for nappy time.
Change the scene
If your baby gets restless during every one of their nappy changes, try a new location - put a pad or thick towel down to protect the surface, and of course, baby's body. A change of scenery may be just the thing to calm your little one.
Man your stations
Set up stations for nappy changing throughout your house so you’re not running up and down the stairs to your baby’s room to retrieve a nappy or to locate the nappy-rash cream when it’s time for a change. At each station have nappies, wipes and cream within arms reach for a super organised nappy change.
Storage is essential
Buy a change table that has shelves underneath so you can store everything you need there. You’ll have everything you need within arm’s reach, but just make sure you place your hand on your baby’s tummy to keep them secure while you rummage around for what you need.
Nappy-free time
Try to let your baby have some nappy-free time every day. After a shower or bath is usually a good time. Just lie them down gently on the change table with a towel underneath and let them kick about and get some fresh air on their bottoms. Babies love this and it means they will associate change time with doing something enjoyable too.
Experiment when you can
Don’t be afraid to experiment with different nappy brands, wipes and creams. All babies are different in what they like and what suits their skin, so a bit of trial and error will be involved.
Boys will be boys
If you have a little boy, beware the projectile pee! You can pop a little cloth or muslin over your little one while you’re in the process of doing the nappy change to avoid getting sprayed.
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