When your baby starts teething you may notice that they drool a little more than usual. While this is a normal symptom it can often cause a bit of a rash on your little one’s face.


Thankfully, the rash is generally harmless and there are a few things you can do to help your infant.


Keep it clean

While you won’t be able to stop it happening it is important you keep their face clean to prevent it becoming infected. Use a warm cloth to gently dab the area before patting dry with an absorbent cloth. Never rub the skin as it can irritate it more.


Wipe it away as soon as possible

To prevent a rash occurring in the first place, avoid allowing drool to sit on your baby’s face for long periods of time. Use an absorbent bib to soak up drool and pop one underneath their clothes to catch any dampness before it reaches their chest area.


Use a protective lotion

If the rash is particularly bad, ask your pharmacist or GP what product they would recommend using. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive so only ever put products suitable for them on their face. 


Absorb the drool at night

Lying on drool for long periods of time at night can irritate the skin and lead to a rash. To prevent this happening, place an absorbent towel underneath their bed sheet to absorb the wet rather than having it sit on their face. Always place it underneath  your little one’s cot sheet so they don’t get tangled in it.


When to contact a doctor

While the rash is generally considered harmless, if it starts to become itchy, inflamed, bright red or doesn’t show signs of clearing, you should contact your doctor.