It can be a little nerve-wrecking trimming your little one’s nails; not only are they absolutely teeny, tiny but your youngster is also fairly wriggly and the thoughts of going anywhere near them with a scissors can be terrifying.


Unfortunately, it is something that can’t be put off forever, as the nails grow pretty quickly and there is always the risk of your baby accidently scratching their face.


Just take your time and follow these tips and you’ll be snipping away in no time:


1. Make sure you are working in a room with plenty of light so that you can see exactly what you are doing.  


2. Place baby on your lap or in their rocker or, if you’d feel more comfortable, wait until they fall asleep before going near them with the clippers. After a bath is a good time as the nails will be soft and easy to clip.


3. Make sure you use a baby nail scissors as they don’t have the sharp point at the end like a normal one. 


4. Never use an adult-sized clippers – you could accidently cut the finger or toe.


5. For the first few weeks, file them down with an emery board or bite them off yourself so that there is no risk of cutting your infant.


6. Never leave your youngster with jagged ends on their nails in case they accidently scratch their face or eye area.


7. Make sure your little one’s nails are cleaned frequently - soak them in water or clean them every time they have a bath.


8. Don’t forget your infant’s toe nails, although you will probably only have to trim these every second week.


Your baby’s nails will grow a lot during the early years and you may find you have to trim them at least once a week, so it is important to get the hang of it now.