I am a Mom and I am failing. Thank God! 

My beds don’t always have fresh sheets every week, or even, gulp, every month.

My laundry is often stacked up higher than my head. 

My carpets could usually do with a good hoover. 

My child's hair has needed a cut for two months. 

My steam cleaner only gets facetime when I get notions.

My ability to tidy the stacks of books and toys is limited to how much I give a crap that week.

My hair is unwashed. 

My body is heavier than it ‘should’ be. 

My clothes are devoid of purpose other than colour and comfort. 

My to-do list is not ticked off. 

My work achievements are not what I’d like. 

But you know what? That’s brilliant! Well done me.


Well done you if you too have piles of unwashed stuff and less than perfect bellies and hair. Thank goodness we don’t fit into the perfect ‘Mom’ mold. It means we are living. It means we are trying. It means we have other things going on in our lives, like fun, play, craziness, tea, making sure everyone gets fed and feels loved and safe.


Life is easier when we go easier on ourselves. Life is better when we treat ourselves better. Life is happier when we remember it is not our job to berate ourselves and bring ourselves down, the world does that enough for us.


Life is sweeter when we realise the house won’t fall down around us if the beds go unmade and the pillows unfluffed. Life is calmer when we realise we cannot do everything and be everything to everyone. 

So yes, I am a Mom, and I am failing. Thank goodness for that!


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Riona - The Unnatural Woman is a mother, actor and vlogger with humour as dry as a breastfeeder's vagina. She has no idea what she is doing in life or in motherhood. She requires healthy doses of cynicism and hope on a daily basis and tries to ignore her own brain whenever possible.
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