This is a tale to warn you all

The tale of the child….

The toddler so small……

Who, when they reach the age of ONE

Grow little opinions to warn everyone

To tell the world of the grown-ups so large

“You didn’t really think you were in charge??”


It starts with a face

That says…

‘I’m really not sure

If, of this meal I would like any more.’

‘I may try it today just to make you feel

That you have prepared the most delicious meal

But rest assured, tomorrow instead

I may just tip it over my HEAD!

Or on the floor…………….

The dog or the cat………..

I may just MOULD it into a H-A-T.

I may decide that you dear mummy

Should wear my meal upon your TUMMY!

And as for you my DARLING daddy,

You’ve not begun to see my PADDY!’


For as they grow, these little ones

Learn words to express their opinions

“Don’t like it!”


Bleurgggh” and “YUCK!”

You very rarely have the luck

To hear “Thankyou mummy for your culinary skill

Of this tasty meal I will eat my fill!”


Now all this is fine

If not for the WORST…………..

The thing to make mums on the edge fit to burst

The crockery and cutlery age-old debate


‘I clearly asked for GREEN, not BLUE!’


‘How naïve of you!’

‘This knife is too big’

‘The cup is too round’

‘Keep looking ‘til the correct one is FOUND!’


And of course

Once the knife, fork and plate deal is sealed

The meal has simply lost its appeal!!

“I’m full!” the littlest ones declare

But they always have room for the PUDDING fare –

The yogurt, the jelly, the custard to pour

No “I don’t like it!” to be heard any more.


And when it’s all done……………

And meal time is through……………..

We’ll do it again in an hour or two


But as we message our friends to reveal our woes

Or swap stories of how we’ve been kept on our toes

We SMILE with such fondness as if to say

‘I wouldn’t have it any other WAY!’



I'm Kate. Mum to three gorgeous girlies - 13, 10 and 2 and wife-to-be to Wayne. I currently run my own child-minding business, and am found most days covered in gloop, paint, glitter and glue whilst encouraging small children NOT to draw on my Parisian inspired wallpaper! Of course I love to write and writing from personal experience is the best kind of writing. Yoga (an I'm-turning-40-help-should-have-done-it-years-ago discovery), swimming, reading and pretending to know how to play netball also keep me busy.

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