'Are you going to go again?'


It is the question that people LOVE to ask. 


I have three precious children  - two girls and a boy, and already I feel pressure to add to my family from others. Perhaps it is a natural curiosity, maybe it is fun to play 'how many children can she manage before she breaks?' but either way, it gets tiresome sometimes.


It is tiresome because it strikes a chord.


I mean, who doesn't love babies? Who wouldn't want them all day long? Especially when you see how potentially adorable they will be based on the children you already have. The thoughts of creating those miniature velvety fingers again or those delicious pink cheeks is enough to make me cry, but sometimes you have to know your own limit. You need to recognise that another ball (read, baby) in the air would mean ALL the balls would be dropped. And is that really fair on those little ones already in your life? 


I am one of five siblings, and although I love my big family, I sometimes felt lost in the din that comes with a large family. 


That's why I fight my biology. I try to use my head instead of my heart - because my heart would want 10 mini versions of myself and my husband. And, college...


For now, I prefer to concentrate on meeting the needs of my three precious little ones. It is, of course, chaotic -  but it is a chaos that I can handle. We all have our limits, and recognising when it is time to draw that line in the sandpit, is one of the more difficult and unexpected things I've discovered about motherhood.