I'm sorry I was weepy, after giving birth,


I'm sorry I didn't feel like the superwoman of this earth.


I'm sorry I didn't count the seconds down to the time of every feed.


I'm sorry for the unpurchased pregnancy books, to which I took no heed,


I'm sorry I left it six weeks to have some me time,


I'm sorry I didn't leave it longer, how selfish was I?


I'm sorry the dishes lay unwashed as the bottles fill the sink,


I'm sorry for not keeping up, while being so sleepy I can't think,


I'm sorry for taking my baby outside at two days old on a crisp October day,


I'm sorry I never layered her in the heaviest cotton wool if they knew, what would they say?


I'm sorry I weaned as early as told, to meet my baby's appetite,


I'm sorry I gave her foil packed purees, would I ever get it right?


I'm sorry I never breastfed because I didn't want to, 


I suppose when you have to care for your mental health, you only have you,


I'm sorry that there are just some days I don't want to leave the house, 


I'm sorry there are some days, that all I want is out,


I'm sorry for letting my girl, tantrum in public view,


I'm sorry that I realise, that she's a person too,


I'm sorry that there are some times when fish fingers and beans are part of today's diet,


I'm sorry we give some things, just for a bit of quiet,


I'm sorry that my girl is full of confidence and might,


I'm sorry that I will never want to put out that light,


I'm sorry that I respond when my baby wants me close,


I'm sorry that sharing a bed is a regular dose,


I'm sorry that there are certain times I fret and some I do not worry,


Basically what I'm saying is, I'm sorry I'm not sorry.



Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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