Stacey Solomon is known for her bubbly personality, but the normally carefree mum got serious when she discussed  having children by different fathers.


In a video blog for Huffington Post UK, Stacey explained that she's felt judged for having two children by two different fathers. 


Stacey is mum to Zachary, eight, and Leighton, four, and has thought about having more children in the future. 



At the gym wishing I was in between these two.Come on stace you can do it!

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But she explains that she also has doubts about expanding her family.


"I always have an overwhelming sense of guilt that if I were to make my family greater, that it impact on them socially and emotionally," Stacey admitted.

"I read loads of studies that say broken families end up having children with worse cognitive behavioural skills, and are less likely to learn, more likely to have emotional difficulties going through life."



Stacey concluded, saying: "Life is never perfect, you just need to adapt - ultimately by doing that, you're going to give your children the best start in life."


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