Joe Wicks reveals how he’s found transition from two children to three

Joe Wicks, known as The Body Coach to his online followers, has opened up about dad life. 

Joe and his wife Rosie welcomed their baby Leni into the world in September of this year, making them parents of three little ones under the age of four. 

The fitness guru was candidly answering questions about his life on his Instagram Stories when one of his 4.5M followers asked him ‘How have you found the transition to three kids?’.


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The 37-year-old responded by sharing an adorable photo of his youngest daughter sleeping and wrote, “I’ve realised now that every baby is so different. You have absolutely no idea how they will be coming into the world”.

“They have such different vibes, sleeping patterns, feeding patterns and emotional needs. We’ve been so lucky with Leni because she’s just a really calm and easy baby”.

The Body Coach continued, “She doesn’t cry much. She just seems to drink milk and spend the majority of the time smiling at us”.

“We had a different experience with Marley as he was totally blind for 5 months and cried every time we put him down. We didn’t know he was blind at first and thought he was just unwell but he just felt scared when left alone”. 

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Wicks has been very transparent on social media when it comes to parenting his three little ones. He always shares an insight into caring for his children and times when they have tested his patience. 

He recently admitted to losing his temper at his toddler, Marley, as he doesn’t like when his teeth are getting brushed and Joe had enough of his ‘tantrums and screaming’. “I mean everyone has a breaking point and I snapped this morning”, he explained.

Joe and Rosie welcomed their oldest child, Indie, into the world in July 2018. They went on to have Marley in December 2019 and celebrated the arrival of Leni earlier this year.