What a joyful time! 


You've just had a baby and you are in your element. Loving life. 


But wait, why is everyone asking you questions? All. The. Time.


You barely know your knickers from your nipples, and now you have to come up with answers to questions you never even knew existed...like 'are you using cabbage leaves?' And, 'Are you going to go again soon'. Eh, cool your jets, she's like a day old.


Here are all the things people will ask you circa 30 seconds after your baby arrives: 



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My name is Emma Doran and I’m a comedian. I live in Dublin with my partner Shane and our 3 children. Ella 14, Joe 4 and Tommy 2. We have 2 dogs Twiggy and Stan (mother and son). We also have a cat Coco that stops by now and then but Stan fancies her so it’s a whole thing now.

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