Kathryn Thomas admits feeling “no connection” towards her newborn daughter

Irish presenter Kathryn Thomas has opened up about feeling a lack of connection with her daughter Ellie when she was born.

The 41-year-old spoke about her birth experience and becoming a first-time mum, on RTÉ Radio One, where she was filling in for regular host, Ray D’Arcy.

“I just looked and felt no connection. It was so alien to see her,” the mum-of-one confessed. “I went through days of wanting people there and not wanting people there.”

“I remember standing there crying. I'd had it a few times in the hospital where it was like, 'Oh she doesn't feel like mine'. I remember feeling like, 'I don't have a connection here',” she added.


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However, these feelings of distance soon passed, and now little two-year-old Ellie is keeping Kathryn busy and entertained every day. The Operation Transformation presenter even went on to talk about a hilarious and humiliating incident which occurred last week.

“We're potty training at the moment you know and she was coming out with her childminders and she'd had a little accident,” Kathryn described.

“So she had her pants and everything in the bag and she just went running up to this couple who were coming out of the medical centre all masked up and everything.”

“And she was like, 'Look I did a pee pee in my pants'. And I just went, 'Oh dear Lord, moving on'. I laughed the whole way home. You just can't make it up, they have no filter. It's brilliant,” Kathryn lovingly added.