Congratulations, you have welcomed another member to your family - a puppy! 


However, before you bring home your new BFF, you need to remember that the dog will be nervous and probably overwhelmed for the first few weeks.


In order to keep the calm in your home, bear in mind the following five points. 


1. Lay down some rules with the kids

The kids are bound to be very excited at the prospect of bring a puppy home, but it is important they don’t overwhelm or scare their new pet. Give them ground rules: only two people at a time or only adults are allowed to handle them for instance.


2. Make sure everyone is on the same wavelength

While it is best if one person takes on the role of training the dog, everyone in the house will need to be on the same wavelength and use the same language when engaging with the pup.



3. Pop up door gates

This will help keep the pup out of rooms that you really don’t want them in, and your stress levels down. 


4. Set up a daily routine from the onset

You should write up a list of who does what BEFORE you bring the puppy home. Hang it on the wall where everyone can see it and make sure you are as fair as possible dishing out tasks. 


5. Introduce new people slowly 

It is a good idea to introduce your puppy to as many new people as possible so they become sociable. However, you shouldn't bombard them with too many visitors at one time. Slow and steady. 



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