After spending the summer keeping your baby cool, now that the days getting a little bit chillier, you will have to start thinking of ways to keep them warm, without overheating.
Follow these tips and your little one will be snuggly all winter long:
If you are going to be coming and going between the indoors and outdoors frequently, layers will mean you can remove or add an item of clothing fairly easily. Think of cardigans, hats, gloves and jackets - anything that doesn’t require a lot of effort to remove but will still keep them warm.
Hat and gloves
Heat escapes through the head so it is important you ensure your little one wears a hat. Choose one that covers their ears but avoid purchasing one that has strings or ties around the neck. If your little one is going to be out in the cold for long periods, invest in a pair of mittens.
If you are going for a walk on an extra cold day, make sure your baby is wrapped in a blanket as well as their coat. As they will just be sitting there they will feel the cold a lot more, so keep draughts out by tucking them in and don’t have them sitting in cold temperatures for too long without being wrapped up.
Keep hoods up
Keeping your little one’s car seat or buggy hood up while they are outside will ensure any wind chill is kept to a minimum. The same goes for any hoods on their coats or jackets.
Buggy liner
For extra warmth and comfort, invest in a wooly liner that your little one can sit on. Creating a cosy space for your baby will mean they can enjoy being outside and watching the things around them.
Socks and booties
Most body suits have little feet to ensure your youngster's toes are kept warm. However, if your baby is wearing a jacket or their body coat isn’t enclosed at the end, it is important you pop a pair of socks on them and, depending on the cold, a pair of tiny booties.  
While it is important your little one is kept warm and cosy, it is imperative that bulky clothing does not get in the way of car seat safety. Ensure straps fit over your child and that they are not too tight or being restricted by their jacket or coat.