People are doing things a LOT later in life than previous generations, buying houses, getting married, having families.


Whatever about the first two, delays in the baby making business can lead to many problems, including the possibility of having waited too long.


But preparing for having baby starts, or at least should, quite some time before pregnancy. Folic acid needs to be taken at least three months before conception, diet needs to be adjusted for better health and exercise... Well, all I can say is, get started.


Before I conceived I was relatively healthy. A fair enough diet and a somewhat decent fun runner. While any exercise will keep you fit, not all exercise is created equal when it comes to assisting you before, during and after pushing a tiny person out from an even tinier place.


During pregnancy thanks to my little guy lodging his head in my ribcage, I took up pregnancy yogalates. It helped stretch out those pregnancy aches and start tone the muscles I'd need for the big day. Boy, did I leave that too late. My core and pelvic muscles were never the strongest, but now they wouldn't be able to knock over a feather in a windstorm.


We ask a lot of our bodies that day, and in the recovery afterwards. If you are having kids, get started now. If you are thinking about having kids, get started now. If you think you'll want kids, get started now.


Or, like me, when you are finally able to get back to your choice of exercise you'll feel less like you're getting a bit of freedom again and more like you're insides are falling out. And let's face it, enough has come out at that stage already.


Good luck ladies. Happy squeezing.

I am a first time mother who has found great comfort and relief in the writings of others. I hope I can do the same for someone else out there.

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