Guided Tour of Enniskillen Castle

Guided Tour of Enniskillen Castle
Enniskillen Castle
Castle Barracks
Fermanagh BT74 7HL


Nestled amid Fermanagh's lakeland on the banks of the picturesque River Erne you will find Enniskillen Castle. This fine castle, once the home of the Gaelic Maguire chieftains, represents an important part of Fermanagh's rich history and heritage. Enniskillen Castle presents an array of 19th century barracks buildings surrounding the Medieval Castle Keep; to the south with its distinctive turrets is the 17th century Watergate and to the east is the Heritage Centre built in 1992. Throughout the 16th century the junior branch of the Maguires ruled Fermanagh from Enniskillen Castle, their stronghold being captured and retaken many times by the O'Donnells, O'Neills and the English. The Heritage Centre exhibits the collections of the County Museum in award winning displays enhanced by audio visual programmes about Fermanagh's history, wildlife and landscapes. There are also special exhibitions throughout the year. On view at Enniskillen Castle are the Heritage Centre, the Castle Keep, Watergate and the Arcaded Barracks.