Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson is ‘so excited’ for when he becomes a dad

Comedian Pete Davidson has shared how excited he is for when he becomes a dad and has revealed how fun he thinks the experience will be.

In a short teaser clip of Kevin Hart’s second season of Hart to Heart, Pete announced, “Definitely a family guy, my favourite thing ever which I’m yet to achieve is I want to have a kid. It’s like my dream”.

“It’s like super corny but I don’t know. It would be so fun to dress up a little dude… I’m just like so excited for that chapter, so like, that’s kind of what I’m just preparing for now".

He continued, "I’m just tryna be as good as a dude and develop and get better so when that happens it’s just easier”.

The Saturday Night Live star also opened up about his difficult childhood from losing his dad, who was a firefighter during 9/11, to using his tough experiences in his comedy. 

My childhood was not great. Dad passed early, you know, single mom, new sister, just did not handle it great”.

The King of Staten Island actor went on to say, “It was just like a f***ing nightmare, so like my family was just great the whole time. They were super supportive of me trying stand-up ‘cause they were like, ‘whatever makes you happy’”.

“If my childhood was fine, I’d probably be a construction worker in Staten Island and be the happiest guy ever but that weird sh*t that it does to you made me love comedy”.

Pete is currently in a relationship with mum-of-four Kim Kardashian. Since becoming a couple, the 28-year-old has paid tribute to Kim and her children in the form of ink on his body. 

Davidson has ‘KNSCP’ tattooed on his neck which many are speculating stands for the initials of Kardashian’s and her children’s first names, ‘Kim, North, Saint, Chicago, Psalm’. Pete also has ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Aladdin’, with an infinity symbol inked on his collarbone, a clear nod to when the couple shared their first on-screen kiss on SNL back in 2019.