La Bougies Sage & Bitter Orange candle and diffuser will transport you to relaxed summers evenings in Tuscany

Blending herbal notes with punchy orange tree moments, La Bougie's sage & bitter orange candle which celebrates 10 years this summer, is enriched with a layered, fresh, and invigorating perfume. Incorporating the blossom, wood, and fruit of the orange tree into the scent, it doesn't succumb to unnecessary sweetness, but lifts and spruces its surroundings.

Lucy Hagerty, Founder and Perfumer adds “The classic cologne notes of geranium, juniper, and orange blossom from Samuele’s barbershop in Tuscany drift across the square on a Saturday morning inspiring this blend.... I used every part of the orange tree - the wood, the fruit, and the blossom to amplify this barbershop fragrance, it’s exquisitely balanced which is what makes it work so well. It’s a stimulating scent – robust, yet gentle, with a tangy profile and a subtly sweet undertone of earthy herbal complexity underpinning the citrus vibrancy. A blend of Italian tradition and modern sophistication, I adore it! and as a top seller for a decade now we are very proud of this scent”

Boasting fragrance notes of petitgrain, mandarin and geranium the sage and bitter orange candle hand poured at their West Cork perfumery has a 50 hour burn time and the diffuser will keep for 3-6 months depending on room environment.

Inspired by summers spent at Lucy’s family home in the medieval town of Poppi, Tuscany this unisex scent oozes tranquil masculinity and makes a perfect fragrance pairing for an Aperol spritz or negroni cocktail on a relaxed summers evening.

La Bougie Founder Lucy Hagerty suggests housing this scent in a bathroom or kitchen environment and when your guests arrive, they will be greeted with a most enchanting, nostalgic, and intoxicating aroma that will undoubtedly provide fond memories for years to come.

The full La Bougie range of candles, fragrances, diffusers oils and linen sprays is available on and from their boutique in Lymington UK, top nationwide retailers including Brown Thomas, Avoca and Meadows and Byrne as well as over 100 independent retailers.