Laura Anderson opens up about co-parenting baby Bonnie with Gary Lucy over Christmas

Laura Anderson has been discussing her plans for Christmas with her baby girl. 

The former Love Island star welcomed her first child into the world, Bonnie, back in September with her ex-boyfriend and Hollyoaks star Gary Lucy.  

As Christmas is fast approaching, Laura has revealed how she plans on spending her first festive season with her daughter while co-parenting with Gary. 


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While chatting to Closer, Anderson explained, “I’m taking her to see Santa and if it snows I want to take her sledging, she can sit on my lap! She doesn’t understand this year of course, but I’m looking forward to doing all the traditional things with her as she gets older, like leaving a carrot and cookie out for Santa”.

“I think Bonnie will end up having two or three Christmas Days, and I’ll be doing a lot of driving so there won’t be much champagne for me this year!”.

“My mum and dad aren’t together, so we’ll be visiting them both, and I’ll also go down south. I want to take her around and make sure everyone gets to see her. She won’t remember, but I want to include everyone. She’ll be spoiled, I’m sure!”.


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Laura went on to admit that she never imagined herself as a single mum, but she’s ‘grown as a person’ since becoming one. 

“Of course, I would love to wake up on Christmas morning and have that family unit in one place. I’m quite traditional so I never imagined being a mum by myself”.

“But I think when you’re pushed out of your comfort zone is when you grow the most and I do feel like I’ve grown as a person this year. Bonnie is the most important thing now and I just do everything around her, and it’s going to be like that forever now!”.


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The former reality star then spoke about her and Gary’s co-parenting relationship, explaining, “We’re on good terms, it’s early days but I’m trying to focus on her, rather than myself. I think putting your personal feelings aside and speaking to the person as a friend rather than your ex helps”.

“It’s going to be a journey as she’s only a baby and this is all new to me. But I try to include Gary as much as I can. She has two parents and I want her to know that I always put her first”.

Laura also recently spoke out about feeling ‘pressure’ ahead of Bonnie’s first Christmas as she revealed, “All about B. First Christmas I feel a bit of pressure, it won’t be perfect Angel but every year I promise to make it even more magical”.