During my first few weeks as a new parent I cried, a lot. Asking my partner, parents and anyone else who would listen ‘When will I feel normal again?


Parenting, although filled with a new love like no other - can often be deeply overwhelming, and not at all what I had spent my pregnancy days imagining. 



10 weeks in, and I have finally figured out this is my new normal.


  • Two loads of laundry a day compared with two a week.

  • Quick showers whilst listening to the baby monitor instead of lazy baths.

  • Eight hour night sleeps replaced by four or five hours if lucky.

  • Three consistent daily meals have been replaced by quick snacks and on a good day an evening meal once baby is settled.

  • My pre pregnancy body has increased by a dress size and now features a stretch mark filled tummy.

But it is all worth it as I now know the sacrifices we make as parents are in order to do the best job possible for this amazing baby we have been so lucky to become responsible for.



  • The constant noise of the washing machine is keeping my baby in clean baby grows.

  • The quick shower, I appreciate more than anything when given the opportunity and come out feeling more alive than ever and ready to face whatever the day has to throw at me. 

  • The sleep deprivation is because of time taken to sooth my baby to ensure he has the goods night sleep needed to help him thrive

  • The lack of daily meals is because of the time set aside to ensure my baby gets his daily milk intake needed to help him grow

  • The pre pregnancy body I once longed to return didn't house the precious baby that has brought so much joy and love to our household

So this is my new normal, and I have to say I am getting to love it more and more each day and have finally started to settle into my new life as a rookie mum. 

Emma Smith is a very new first-time mum whose life has changed forever. 

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