Love is Blind stars Bliss & Zack give insight into pregnancy journey ahead of baby’s birth

Bliss Poureetezadi and her husband Zack Goytowski have shared an insight into their pregnancy journey. 

The Love is Blind stars, who met and tied the knot during Season 4 of the hit Netflix series, announced the wonderful news that they were expecting their first child together back in November. 

As Bliss’ due date nears closer, Zack has opened up about the excitement they share to become parents and reflected on their pregnancy experience, admitting, “We had no clue what was involved in the pregnancy process”.

While posting a photo of himself and his wife at the hospital to his 579K Instagram followers on his Stories, Zack spoke about ‘the unknown’ as they prepare to welcome their little one into the world. 

He explained, “We’ve been to this hospital so many times now. Thinking back to that very first visit when we stepped through these elevator doors together, the anticipation palpable in the air, a flutter of excitement tingling in my chest. Emboldened by the hope of what’s to come”.

“We had no clue what was involved in the pregnancy process, just diving into the unknown together, hand in hand. Each time we’ve come here, it’s been like adding another chapter to our journey”.

The former reality star went on to add, “And now, riding up in this elevator, the familiar hum of its ascent stirs memories of our first step through its doors. The weight of the unknown still pressing against us like the gravitational force of this elevator pulling us up into the sky”.

Bliss also gave a pregnancy update to her 783K Instagram followers by unveiling gorgeous photos with her bare blossoming baby bump on display. In the post’s caption, she admitted, “You are the closest I will ever come to magic”. 

After announcing their pregnancy news at the end of last year, the couple revealed, in February, that they’re expecting a baby girl together. 

“Our precious baby!”, Bliss wrote when sharing that she's having a daughter. “Our magical, beautiful little miracle. We love you more than you’ll ever know. Here’s to our most meaningful adventure yet!”, the expectant mum lovingly added.