Making the most of the summer holidays with my little ones

Happy school holidays to all!

My 6-year-old is at home now and I have just realised what a serious talker he is, bless him. 

It's only been a few weeks and already we have had fights with his sister, tantrums and outright refusal to do as I've asked. I'm leaning heavily on the reward chart and trying to stick with the discipline.  Although it is hard work, I am trying to appreciate my time at home as much as I can. I was made redundant from my job a few weeks ago so this is all still a novelty for me. 

We have a family camping holiday booked in a few weeks time which we are super excited for, but yesterday, I decided that I refused to allow the word 'bored' to enter my children's vocabulary. 

I want to make the most of the time that I have at home with the kids before starting work again, so i have made a HUGE list of the all the things we can do indoors/outdoors and days out, for free. I'm basing this on the assumption that preparation is the key to keeping them happy this summer holidays. Amirite? 

Here are a few of my favourite ideas for keeping little ones amused for the next few weeks:

  • Feed the ducks
  • Potatoe painting
  • Teddy bear picnic
  • Build a fort with old blankets
  • Make some jelly 
  • Junk models 
  • Treasure hunts

Good clean, simple fun. 

Yesterday, we spent the day buying craft supplies but I do think we brought everything the shop had to offer. We then spent the day at the park with extended family (and their dogs!) I think the children were exhausted by the end of day one. Success!

Day Two - Early morning craft, there are sequins and tissue paper all over the table right now, but the kids are quiet and seem to be enjoying themselves. I'd say it is working well, I'd also say I have about four minutes before they tell me that they are bored!

Enjoy the holidays! They are long but don't forget, the years are short. 

Appreciate any tips you may have! 

I'm a married mom of two with an honest view on motherhood and my mission is to support all parents in their journey of bringing up their children. 
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