Your baby’s first year will fly and by the time they have reached their first birthday, they will have gone through so many milestones that it’ll be hard to remember most of what happened.


One of the best, most efficient and easiest ways to remember things is by keeping a memory book. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a scrap book is actually great for holding lots of thoughts, pictures and other items.


Here are ten things you should put in your memory book


The date baby’s first tooth popped up

You’ll be going through teething for a while but the first time you noticed their very first tooth is a date you’ll want to remember.


The first time they had solid food

Whether it’s at four months or six, the day your baby has something to eat other than milk is a date you’ll want to mark in your memory book. A picture of the moment would also be great.


Your thoughts while doing night feeds

We’ve all had some pretty unusual musings sitting in the dark of night so make sure you take note of a few of them.


The first gift they received

You don’t need to put the actual gift in the book but a note about what is was and maybe a picture.


A picture of their first outing

Now this is a day you’ll want to remember.


A picture of you and baby

It is easy to have lots of pictures of baby, but make sure you pop one in of you and them together. You are both going to change a lot over the years and it will be good to see what each of you looked like.


What you hope for your baby’s future

As they grow, your hope and aspirations for them will certainly change, and it’s nice to remember what you wanted for them over the years.


Baby’s hospital bracelet

If you are lucky enough to take your baby’s hospital tag home, make sure you pop it in the book.


Baby scans

Put either the original or a photocopy of your baby’s scan in the book. Place it alongside a picture of them for comparison.


Their first smile

Not with wind but an actual smile. There’ll be plenty of them in the future but it’s always nice to have a reminder of the first time.