We all have different trials and tribulations in life. Highs, lows, it's just the way life is, no matter who you are. 


But what I find, especially being Irish, living in Ireland, is this age-old thing that has come down from our parent's generation, and possibly before them; that someone's business is everyone's business.


I often wonder is this part of our problems as a nation. Why things get talked about more than they get done. Why people struggle to be open to others because maybe they feel like everyone is prying. Begrudgery is also something that comes to mind. It's that "looking over the fence" scenario.


People just have to see what's in other people's gardens, what car they're driving, what flowers they keep, and in turn, must comment, a lot of the time negatively. 


"Looking over the fence" is what I describe these people as in their everyday lives. All the time watching, judging, wasting their own precious lifetime.



Giving unwanted opinions, taking over, calling unannounced, all pure examples. 


It's the same with parenting. People want to see what buggy you have, what brand of clothes your child wears, and probably know your plans for a christening before you do. 'Are you feeding yourself?' and 'You're not still giving her the dummy, are you?'


It's too much.


People are scrambling for housing while the top people sit back and watch them squirm. Most probably giving out about social welfare and not knowing what the true situations are. Yet a Universal Basic Income is proposed and people aren't happy with it because "Jimmy down the road will be getting it", even though it would benefit a hell of a lot more for people who are working.


Why are we obsessed with what other people are doing in life? When did our own lives become less important?


You simply cannot be truly happy if your concern is pointing out the faults in others or wishing you had what they have. 


Live your life the way you want to, minus the envy, minus the intrusion, but with more love and happiness!


I'd love to hear what you think about this? 

Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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