I'll admit it, I'm struggling a little.



My 6-year-old has very challenging behaviour at the moment. Why can't I make him see he's upsetting everyone around him with the way he is behaving?



I'm at the stage where I don't know what else to do and he has said some really upsetting things to me.



I've done all the usual things but I think I need more help. I'm beginning to realise that motherhood isn't just about sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it is a touch of rainclouds and sad faces. And although that is to be expected, it is still really hard.


I spoke to my son's teacher recently who tells me that he isn't like this at school and that he's a good boy overall. Now I'm even more confused. 


Last time we had any issues, he was in his first year at school, and they advised us that he was challenging them and answering back, this was when his sister was about 4 months old and I put it down to the fact that he was overcoming the only child thing.

I came home from work tonight to find him crying in bed because daddy had told him off, he lied about what actually happened and when I finally discovered what had actually happened he seemed genuinely upset.


I'm finding that when he comes home from school I need to find him more and more things to do to keep his mind active to stop him from getting fed up. When he's bored he starts to act up. 



His sister has been sick.  I think part of his behaviour has come from him attention seeking, but how can I help him to realise that she is a massive part of our life too now?



Keeping two babies happy at the same time is not easy and to be honest, I feel like I'm failing as a mother.


Previous anxiety has surfaced again so I have started reading a book about mindfulness - it helps me to feel like myself again and to reorganise my life. I think that having more time just to sit and enjoy the children will help us all. 


Writing helps a lot with my mind and helps me get a lot off my chest just wish I knew what was bugging my little lad. I'm praying this is simply a phase and he will grow out of it. 



I know that it can't be all happy smiles all the time, but still want to enjoy this time as much as I can, despite being a permanently frazzled mum. Am I the only one who feels like this a lot of the time? 


Amy is one of our mum bloggers for MummyPages Voices. She is a married, mother of two with an honest view on mum life. Her mission is to support all parents in their journey of bringing up their children. Check out her blog here 

I'm a married mom of two with an honest view on motherhood and my mission is to support all parents in their journey of bringing up their children. 
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