From books to adverts and movies, everything in our environment prepares us for the seemingly blissful experience of motherhood – and so it’s no surprise that so many women are left devastated when this doesn’t come to pass in their own lives.


One mum who has summed this up perfectly is Storm-Manea Ellyatt, whose heart-wrenching ‘no judgment’ Facebook post has made waves online.


In the now viral post, Storm gets real about struggling with parenthood which, at times, has not turned out exactly as she had planned or expected.


Recalling the lead-up to becoming a mother, Storm writes: “Not once did I see an ad with a mum locked in her cupboard crying in her leaked stained PJs from three days ago, covered in sweat and vomit, praying to every god imaginable for the strength and patience to go back to the sh**show that is now their life.”


Despite telling people that motherhood is ‘honestly the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to her’, Storm admits that this could not be further from the truth at times. Indeed, she has experienced very little of this supposed ‘bliss’ while struggling to adjust to her new role.



“When there’s no cameras, no people and no judgment, you let out the loudest FU** YOOOOUUUU known to man, although it’s under your breath, or screamed into a pillow, or yelled from the foetal position of your cupboard, because your little one’s finally asleep. So we somehow pick our shattered self off the floor, trying to piece together a resemblance of a person and do it all again,” she adds.


As you can imagine, there has been quite an emotive response to Storm’s warts-and-all post, with many fellow mums reaching out to help her through what is clearly a very traumatic time.


No doubt Storm will also be relieved by the amount of women who both appreciated and related to her honesty.


“It is gross, scary, stinky, scarring, sad, happy, thankless, overwhelming, over rated, and at times down right soul destroying.....but it can also bring about a new you who can "function" and rise above the mess...and still smile and love....motherhood ....nothing can prepare you ..but honesty...talking, sharing and supporting does make it manageable and brings the sunshine after the rain....well sometimes. Sing it sister...we are all in this together,” read one reply.


Can you or a loved one relate to Storm’s experience?


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