I have a baby boy who is 21 months old and he has had tonsilitis 18 times since he was born. I was wondering how I can fight to get his tonsils out as it's affecting his development - he’s not talking or walking and is only weighing between 10/11kg.
Hi Michelle,
That is a very worrying question and you are right to be following it up. Eighteen infections is a huge amount for such a small child. Sometimes babies have very large tonsils which may appear inflamed but are actually normal and part of a child's developing immune system. These chronically large tonsils generally resolve by the time a child is five or six years. But if your baby has had infected tonsils more than five times in a year or is failing to thrive as you describe, he needs to be seen to urgently by paediatrics and an ear nose and throat consultant ( ENT).
He needs to be seen by paediatrics to ensure there is no underlying reason for his recurrent infections and his delay in walking and talking. Generally surgery is avoided or put off until a child is a little older, usually when they are about to go into junior infants at school. However there are some children who just can't be left that long. You should arrange for your son to be seen by your GP to have him examined and discuss your concerns as soon as possible. Your GP will be able to organise the appropriate referrals locally for him.
Best of luck and I hope all goes well for him
Dr Eleanor Galvin
GP/Women & Children's Health Specialist