Nail Inspo: The summery nail designs we’re obsessed with this season

Now that the weather is finally perking up, it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a fresh summer manicure. 

Treating your claws to some much needed TLC can do wonders for the soul, which is why we’ve rounded up the 7 best nail designs, which we’re currently obsessed with, perfect for anyone struggling to find some decent summer nail inspo.

No matter what you fancy — a colour explosion, some funky patterns or a neutral nail design — there’s something for everyone!

Summer Swirls

Embrace that mid-century, 70’s vibe that is seriously trending right now by picking a nail design featuring these chic summer swirls.


A Splash of Aquamarine

Consider yourself a water-girl? Then this nail design is perfect for you. These aqua-esk nails will make you feel like you’re lapping up the waves or sunning yourself by the pool on a hot summer day.


Fire Summer

If you feel like kicking up the heat, then this is the nail design for you. Opt for a subtle hint of flames on one or two nails, or go all out with a 10-finger inferno, the choice is yours!


Flowers for Days

Summer really is the floral season. We’re in love with this neutral-toned design which features a variety of sleek brown and beige hues.


French Twist

As with every other early 2000’s trend, the French Tip nail design is back and bigger than ever. The only difference is — thankfully — now people are adding a pretty twist to this classic design, in the form of these bright, geometric patterns.


Tie Dye Nails

Can’t choose just one colour for your nails? No worries — these tie-dye nails are just what you need. They’re fun, vibrant, soft and perfectly on theme!


Cotton Candy Vibes

We’re in love with the flecks of gold on these bubblegum pink, marble-esk nails which remind us of the big bouncy cones of candy floss that you’d get at a fun fair.