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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
20/11/2012 16:34
This is where our mummy product testers should write their feedback for new Sprite made with Stevia.
We're dying to hear what you think.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
05/12/2012 16:16
Thanks very much for including me in this trial – I have 5 children, 3 of whom are teens so I find it hard to stop them from wanting soft drinks all of the time.

I worry about sugar so anything that reduces the sugars in drinks is a really good thing. I had been watching an American programme about healthy alternatives to sugar and like one of the other mums, had heard of Stevia. The TV programme talked about women in south America using this for years as their ‘healthy’ sugar so I thought if it’s good enough for them, we’ll give it a go too. Since your trial, I’ve seen it on sale in health food shops and also in main supermarkets too. What I like about it is you aren’t replacing sugar with something rotten like aspartame.
We buy soft drinks each week as part of the supermarket shop – I try to ration them and once they are gone, they’re gone – we buy no more until next shop comes around. So they tend to be consumed at the weekend as I shop on Fridays.

We all tasted the Sprite that we were sent and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised – I thought it was going to have an awful after taste but it didn’t. The taste was normal and just the same as before. The kids, who are uber critical of any change, didn’t notice any difference either which is a big thumbs up in itself.

It definitely makes a big difference to me to know that there is a way to allow the kids consume soft drinks but with less sugar. Mums have many reasons to worry but having one less, with Sprite made with stevia, is one less.

I would definitely buy Sprite again ahead of other soft drinks on this basis alone.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
05/12/2012 16:26
We don’t buy soft drinks religiously – every few weeks we grab a bottle of lemonade or coke for a family treat. It usually coincides with visitors coming to the house. We always buy full sugar (as opposed to diet ones) as I don’t like the use of fake sugars in drinks. I’d prefer to have less soft drinks with normal sugar. So when I read about Sprite now including a natural sugar which reduced the sugar and calorie content, I was interested to give it a try.
My teens are 14 and 16 – they would drink soft drinks every day if I let them but I still have sway with their food (long may it last) which means I select food and drinks that I think they will like but as part of a balanced healthy diet. I need to pick my battles as there are quite a few ‘topics’ up for discussion in our house.
We were delighted when our bag of Sprite arrived and we sat down to officially ‘test’ the product. We had a bit of fun, and decided that we’d blind taste test it with another bottle of Sprite that we had which doesn’t have steviea in it. Just for fun! I poured out two matching glasses for everyone and they proceeded with their test. And I can honestly say, that neither me nor the kids (for they mixed my glass out) noticed any taste difference. So big thumbs up there because if they can taste a difference, they just won’t drink it.
I think offering a soft drink that has less sugar and calories in it is a huge step forward – I’d like to see even more reduction in calories using the natural sweetener but only if the taste isn’t compromised. I am happy to have been part of this trial – you have opened my eyes up to stevia as a natural sweetener and I’ll deffo buy Sprite again.
Thanks the mummypages and sprite for including us on this one.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
05/12/2012 16:33
Hi, we are a family of five and were delighted to take part in the Sprite trial. Our children are 12, 9 and 8 so are used to having fizzy drinks. They were very excited when the bottles arrived. My only criticism is that I hoped there would have been some regular Sprite included so that we could have compared the two. However that was quickly rectified with a quick trip to the shop.
The only difference that we noticed was that the flavours were stronger which made it quite refreshing.I am not a big fizzy drink fan but my husband and 2 younger children said they preferred it to regular Sprite. My 12 year old however disagreed.
I would be very happy to buy this product in the future
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
05/12/2012 19:30
Well I woudn't usually buy fizzy drinks mid week, they are usually only had at special occassions or when we are out so the kids were delighted! I have 3 kids - 4, 6, 13 and they all would usually chose sprite or similar for a drink if given the choice. We had it at meal times and my son (13) brought bottles to school, I was delighted that there was no comments made that it tasted any different to the original.

The fact there was an added ingredient made me worry it would affect the taste somehow but it didn't. I had never heard of Stevia previous to this but am encouraged that alternative sweetners are being explored especially more natural ones.

My partner and I both enjoyed the Sprite and I do feel that the lower amount of sugar in it would encourage me to purchase it when making a choice in a supermarket between it and other similar products. So from our familys' point of view it got 5 thumbs up!
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
05/12/2012 20:36
hi recieved my supply of sprite over a week ago i hav 2 kids a boy 6 and a girl 16, we tried it out at weekend my son didnt notice a differencemy daughter on the other hand did she said there was an after taste now she would be quite fussy but on tasting it myself there was an after taste and quite strong so out off the bottles that were sent only 3 were emptied i usually buy 2 2l at the weekend but i can honestly say i will not be buying sprite with stevia Everyones taste is differant but 4 my family it is definatly not.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
05/12/2012 21:44
I am doing the trail for new sprite. recevied the sprite yesterday and as you can imagine dieing to test them ,Our family consists of 6 aged from 19,15,8,5

fizzy drinks are a novelty in our house,party,s or xmas would be a must buy mineral, as the sugar contents is unreal, before taking this trial i never heard of STEVIA ,so as I suspected it was the 15 year old and I myself ended up drinking them as the small one says its too lemony mam<new sprite is on my CHRISTMAS SHOPPING list ,thank you sprite for giving us the opertunity to take part in this trial In loveIn loveNew baby
New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
06/12/2012 10:58
Thank you soooo much for including us on this trial. We have 3 boys aged 12, 14 and 16 so you had a great trial panel. They absolutely love their fizzy drinks, but like everybody else, I don't buy them that often as I worry about the sugar content, I normally buy them for a treat at the weekend. I've never heard of Stevia before now, and it's fantastic to learn about a natural alternative to sugar.

We tried the new Sprite at the weekend and the boys all loved it. I didn't tell them anything before we started, I wanted their genuine reaction. We don't normally buy whilte lemonade, so this was a completely new drink for them to try and they all loved it. I told them afterwards it was a new healthier option drink, and they said they genuinely tasted no difference. They really liked the taste and nobody felt there was an after taste at all. And myself and my husband agreed.

We will definitely be including Sprite with Stevia in our shopping trolley from now on (we've already stocked up for Chrsitmas by special request from the boys!). It's such a relief to know it's 30% less sugar and 30% less calories.

Thank you so much for letting us take part in this trial Mummypages and well done Sprite - great product.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
06/12/2012 11:25
Hi there!

We also tested the new Sprite with Stevia - we're a household of two teens (16 & 14), two younger children (6 & 11) and two adults. The older two would be quite fond of their sugary drinks, despite my best efforts to convert them to diet brands so I was delighted to be able to test this product on them.

Overall the teenagers thought there were very little difference in taste between regular Sprite and this new priducts. And it was defintately rated as 'way better' than the diet version (Sprite 0%??). My 14 year old daughter said she would choose this over the full sugar version anyday.

The 11 year old thought it tasted a bit on the sweet side, but he wouldn't get his hands on full sugar versions of fizzy drinks that often - he did think it was nice though and would drink it again - though not sure if he had free rein that Sprite would be his drink of choice. The youngest, to be quite honest, was just delighted to be getting a free drink.

I liked the drink, but I still found the taste a tiny bit 'diety' - it tasted slightly different to the full sugar version but not as diety as the sugar free version. I would pick it over the full sugar version anyday though.

Overall, a pleasant tasting alternative to the full sugar version - full marks to Sprite to trying to address the issue of the huge amount of sugar in fizzy drinks and thanks for giving us the chance to try it out.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
06/12/2012 13:16
I was really happy to be picked for this trail as i would normally only allow my sons to have fizz drinks as a rare treat because the sugar content in most soft drinks is very high, to be honest sprite would have never been a first choice of soft drink to buy for the kids but i am now pleasantly surprised , i really enjoyed it i found it very refreshing and i dont like fizzy drinks ! My eldest son was so happy he was able to test the "fizzy drink" He really enjoyed it and noticed no difference in taste or flavour but did remark that it was "very bubbly ". I have never heard of Stevia before this trial and was very surprised that no one noticed any difference. I will be buying it again i think it is a good choice for families that are trying to watch there children sugar in take.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
06/12/2012 20:04
Hi, it was great to be part of this trial. Minerals are always used in our house particularly by my husband and myself. Our 2 children have as a treat at the weekends or on special occasions.
We do worry about the sugar content in drinks but our children, in particular, our almost 11 year old as she has learned all about calorie and sugar intake in school. She is very aware about what she eats and drinks.
We all loved the Sprite made with Stevia, it felt a lot more lemony/tangy than the original, which was lovely. It was very refreshing. I would be more likely to buy this product over others as knowing it has 30% less sugar and 30% less calories I feel it is better for my children and also the adults :)
Thanks for letting us be part of this trial.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
06/12/2012 21:19
Well the first thing I did when the samples arrived was to hide them. With 6 kids in the house it's always Me that never gets to enjoy any soft drinks that I buy. Well not this time Kids the idea of being able to enjoy a soft drink that was 30% less Sugar and 30% less Calories was very appealing to me.

I do worry more about my Kids sugar intake than calories as they play a lot of sports to use the calories, whereas I partake in no sports so New Sprite with Stevia sounds like being my new drink. I have to admit we are a family that love our soft fizzy drinks the kids would have maybe one 4-5 days a week.

So lets get down to the nitty gritty I had not heard of Stevia before and I didn't tell the kids that what they were drinking was new well it was my way of conducting a blind taste test. The verdict from all was no difference always a good thing. The big difference they felt was Mum this is fizzier than usual and that was a plus for them. Sprite would never be on the top of the wish list previously because they felt it went flat very quickly. I'm glad to say since we participated in the Trial they have requested Sprite with Stevia is the preferred drink from now on.

For me I can indulge in quenching my thirst knowing that my intake of sugar and calories is less than the competitions offering.

Thanks for choosing us to partake in the Trial.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
07/12/2012 15:47
Hi everybody, well I finished the trial for Sprite with Stevia. I have to say I would normally only buy fizzy drinks at weekends and special occasions. To to be honest mainly because of the sugar content. I had never heard of Stevia before the trial, and was intrigued as to what it would taste like. I have to say I was happily suprised. The Sprite with Stevia was fab. Lovely and refreshing, and without that saccharine taste you sometimes get with artificially flavoured fizzy drinks. I didn't feel there was any difference in the taste and was much happier to give it to my family. All of my family enjoyed it and without saying a word my daughter guzzled it down and noticed nothing different. I think I will definetly buy The new Sprite with Stevia again, as it has 30% more sugar and calories, and is a much better choice than buying full sugar fizzy drinks. I was delighted to be asked to do this trial, so a big thank you to Sprite and Mummy Pages. It is definetly on my Christmas drinks list! :-)
New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
10/12/2012 18:06
Thank you very much for letting us take part in this trail. There are three kids in our house, 10, 14 and 15. We have soft drinks at special occasions and for treats at the weekend. I do worry about the sugar content of soft drinks, which is why we keep them to a minimum, so it's great to know there is something new on the market that has a natural sweetner and is less calories and sugar content. I'd never heard ot Stevia before this trial.
We all tried the new Sprite with Stevia and I can honestly say, none of us noticed any difference from the other soft drinks that we normally have. The kids really enjoyed it, as did the adults. New Sprite with Stevia is a really refreshing drink that we will definitely have in our house from now on.
Thanks so much for letting us try out this great new product.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
10/12/2012 18:26
Thanks for picking us to take part and sorry I'm so late with my report.
We got our pack of Sprite with Stevia goodies, and we tried it on Friday evening with our Friday takeout. It was a great drink and was really enjoyed by my hubby and 14 year old twin boys. We hadn't heard of Stevia before now, but since then have begun to see it in different places.
As I said, my boys thought it was really nice and have since then asked for it, so it's a regular in our shopping trolley. I have to admit though, whilst I enjoyed it, I'm afraid I can't say I'm a totaly convert - but I suppose that's becuase I don't really enjoy Sprite and prefer Coke - so my question is, when will they be creating Coke with Stevia ... that would really be the perfect drink for me. Angel
I'm very careful about what fizzy drinks the boys have, I do worry about additional sugar in their diet, so I'm delighted that with Sprite with Stevia there is now a natural alternative to sugary drinks, with less calories and less sugar.
Thanks a lot for letting us take part.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
11/12/2012 10:40
Thanks so much for letting us take part in this trial Mummy Pages and Sprite. There are 5 of us in our household, and at the time of the test we had 2 more kids staying with us. Overall a very positive response from our team of testers - 5 kids ranging in ages from 11 to 16. We don't have fizzy drinks in our house on a regular basis - I am very concerned about the sugar in them, so the kids were avid participants in this. They all agreed that it tasted no different to normal Sprite, and they said they would definitely choose it again.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Sprite are now sweetening with Stevia. I had heard a little bit about Stevia before, and it certainly seems to tick all the boxes with regards to reducing sugar and calories in soft drinks in a natural format.

My husband and I don't really like fizzy drinks, but we have to admit the new Sprite with Stevia had a pleasant and refreshing taste, so as an occasional treat, we'd be more than happy to have it in the house. In fact, we are already stocked up for Christmas. Freezing

Thanks again for letting us take part.

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