I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for. We all had a wonderful break, apart from spending most of my Boxing Day on the Loo because of a bad IBS flare up, I still had a wonderful day. It's all gone a bit too quick for my liking, I get a bit sad once Christmas is over. All the hype, the organising and preparing and the food, don't forget the food. My tree is coming down tonight, makes me sad keep looking at it. 


Now, I normally make the same old resolutions: lose weight, go to the gym, eat healthy blah blah blah. I normally kerb them about three/four weeks into January. I like my food too much. 


This year, I am starting something new, something fresh - these are my resolutions:


  • Lose weight (yes, this one is here, again! but I do have a rather beautiful wedding gown that I need to fit my fat arse into in August, so yes, I do need to lose some weight)


  • Be more positive. (I am a very negative person, I outweigh the negatives to the positives and I am also very pessimistic)


  • Don't sweat the little things (like losing my shit because my children won't put their shoes on after the 100th time of asking)


  • Try to relax and be more calming (I'm an anxious, sweaty mess 99.5% of the time)


  • Let my children be children (now, this might to some of you, seem like a silly resolution, but to me it's not. Like I have said above, I sweat and stress over the little things, I get anxious because their toys are everywhere, they're loud, they're destructive, but most importantly, they're kids, and occasionally, I forget that. I'm just getting real here, my anxiety plays me up, it makes me a mess. I wouldn't say I'm depressed, no. But I do struggle with some things on a daily basis. I don't want to look back in years to come and feel like my children missed out because of how I am. So yea, this is a BIG one for me. My OCD needs to back the flip down and let me enjoy every moment of this joyous ride that is children) 


Anyway, me and Dan stayed home on NYE's because, let's be honest, taking your kids out and keeping them up at midnight, or letting them flake and fall asleep anywhere for your own selfish doing is not fair. Yes, I did let them stay up for Christmas day as we were visiting family, but that's different.


I don't overly enjoy NYE, not because I have had a bad year, I just think it is an overpriced evening to go out and get drunk when let's be honest, I can do that from the comfort of my own home, with my wonderful Daniel and watch the London fireworks on TV. #winning 


We made plans with some of our parent friends to go for a "brisk", and I mean "brisk" walk, then headed to the pub for a few drinks while the kids play just to wish everyone a Happy New Year, then we will go home, order a takeaway, get our Jim Jams on, pop a bottle and see the New Year in with a bang (tut, all you dirty minded people).


I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, and I hope 2018 brings health and happiness to you and your families. 


Lots of love X

Stay at home mummy of two boys aged four and two. Wife to be. I'm a coffee lover and Disney fanatic just trying my best at parenting.

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