One of France’s top medical authorities has linked a newborn baby’s death with a supplement for vitamin D deficiency.


The 10-day-old baby died on December 21, just two hours after receiving a dose of Uvesterol D; a popular children’s supplement, widely used among parents in France.


According to the country’s top medicinal safety watchdog, the ANSM, the tot showed ‘immediate signs of suffocation’ after the dosage was administered.



Tragically, the baby died two hours later, after suffering from cardio-respiratory arrest.


After establishing a ‘probable link’ between Uvesterol D and the child’s death, the ANSM has suspended sales of the supplement nationwide ‘as a precaution’.


France’s Minister for Health, Marisol Touraine, released a statement assuring parents that it is ‘the specific way the product is administered that presents risks’.



“I want to reassure parents who have given vitamin D, in whatever form, to their children: they are safe,” she said.


The ANSM has previously issued safety warnings regarding how Uvesterol D is administered to children, especially premature babies.