"What is the smallest change you can make today for your own wellbeing?" - a thought-provoking question I heard recently, which got me thinking: what can I do to improve my mental and physical wellbeing? 


With the question running through my head, I set about compiling a list of ideas for tiny things you can do that take one minute or less to help you feel better.

1. Spend one minute before you go to bed doing cat/cow

This breath-synchronised movement strengthens and improves the flexibility of the spine, increases coordination and calms the mind. If you're not sure how to do it correctly, you can take a look at this YouTube video


2. When stopped at traffic lights; inhale 'let', exhale, 'go'

When stopped at traffic lights, inhale (fill your tummy up with air) and say 'let' silently to yourself, with each exhale say 'go' silently to yourself. Use these moments that you might normally think of as wasted or in-between moments to invite peace and calm into your life.


3. When standing in a queue, plant your two feet firmly on the ground

Plant your feet firmly on the ground as if you are growing there. Great posture starts with a firm foundation and no better place to practice than when you are waiting in a queue.

4. Write down one thing per day that you feel grateful for

Write it in your phone, in a diary, on a Post-it. Just spend one moment thinking of one thing that you feel thankful for that day.

5. Pick a random person you see and send them some love

Pick a random person you see during the day and mentally send them some love. Maybe it's the person serving your coffee, your neighbour or the postman. Say to yourself 'may you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy.' It can feel a bit strange at first but it's a game changer for your mood and wellbeing.

What tiny things do you practice for your mental and physical wellbeing?

Yoga teacher, artist, crafter, designer, blogger and mom of one baby girl. Trying to live a more mindful, compassionate, creative and still life.

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