Our 5 best tips for weaning baby safely and with confidence!

It’s totally normal to feel worried about starting your child on solid foods. It’s a big transition for them to make and it’s a journey that will take months not days. It’s daunting to face into, but once you begin, you’ll start to see the enjoyable side of it, seeing your child explore the world around them through food and discovering new things.

And never fear, our top tips for starting into weaning will give you the guide you need to get started!

1 What do we need to get started?

Weaning baby means they’re entering a new phase of their development – and that means a few new things for baby! A highchair and their first sippy cup, weaning spoons, plastic bowls and bibs – there’s a lot of swag that comes with their first bites!

Then setting it all up requires a careful hand. The highchair needs straps so baby can be safely secured there and it should be in an upright position so they can swallow safely, along with a plastic bowl with suction – trust us, it will save you a lot of mess later!

2 How can we know it’s time?

Baby will give us signs when they’re ready to start weaning – even if we may not be ready! Usually by 6 months baby will start showing at least one of the three clear signs that they want to start solids. Firstly, they should be able to stay in a sitting position and hold their own heads steady. Secondly, their eyes, hands and mouth will be coordinated. They can look, pick up and place food in their mouth. Lastly, they will be swallowing food, rather than spitting it out.

Sometimes, parents think baby wants to start solids, but they aren’t true signs baby is ready. Chewing fists, wanting extra milk feeds and restless nights aren’t signs baby is ready to start solids. Hold off until the first signs show up.

3 How much to feed hungry tummies

Every baby’s appetite is different, just like any grown up’s. Watch their cues and let them guide you – they’ll be responsive and you should be able to tell when they’ve had enough. So watch out for the cues they’ll be giving you.

4 Timing is everything

Not sure how often baby needs to eat? There are a few boxes to tick when looking for a routine to feed baby. First, that it’s a time that suits both of you – you should take your time so baby isn’t rushed and you can both enjoy the and relax during the experience. Secondly, make sure baby isn’t too tired. A cranky tired baby isn’t going to have the concentration or patience to get through a meal so be sure they’re well-rested if you can. And lastly, be patient. This is a new skill for baby and they need time to get used to the actions and process. Be patient with yourself too, and enjoy this new experience together!

5 Manage the mess

Making a mess is fun – and it’s an essential part of the learning process. Especially when weaning. As children learn and explore what’s around them, this can often bring with is a great unruly mess. And that’s ok. The kitchen will be not be perfectly clean, nad neither will your little one. But remember this is fun for them, so you can try to make it ok for you.

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