Our top tips on how to be there for a newborn mum after she gives birth

During the first few weeks of a newborn’s life, a lot of attention is (rightfully) given to their needs. The baby is showered with adoration from their loved ones, making this a special time for everyone involved.

However, we can sometimes tend to forget that mum has gone through an extraordinary experience and deserves some love, too! Having a baby is a life-altering experience, and the first few months postpartum can be a challenging time.

So, we’re here to give you a few tips and tricks on how you can make the new mum in your life feel beloved and appreciated during the newborn bubble. Whether it is your partner, a relative or a dear friend, we guarantee that these simple steps will make a huge difference to them:

1. Check on mum first 

The first time you see your loved one after giving birth, our natural tendency is to gravitate towards the new bundle of joy and shower them with love. Of course, this is a lovely thing to do, but we would also recommend doing this for mum, too! When you see her for the first time, congratulate and praise her for welcoming this tiny human into the world. Ask her how she is feeling, or if there is anything you can do for her. 

2. Dinner is sorted

During the first few weeks of newborn life, the last thing parents are thinking about is cooking an elaborate meal. So, to give your fellow mum the support she needs, you could start by gifting her some pre-prepared, homemade meals. They don’t have to be anything dramatic - something simple, nutritious, reheatable and/or freezable is always a good way to go!

3. Presents and surprises

When a new baby arrives, they are typically showered with lots of brand-new clothing, toys, furniture, and whatnot. However, if the parents have a lot of loved ones surrounding them, the sheer volume of presents for their little one can quickly become quite overwhelming. So, instead of buying a gift for baby, why not treat mum to something nice? You can either surprise her with something wonderful that she can enjoy straight away, or plan something in advance that she can look forward to when she is feeling up to it. This is a special time for mum as well as baby, and she deserves to know that!

4. Clean, clean and clean

We all know how chaotic and messy a house can become once a new baby arrives, but the last thing you want to do after giving birth is clean non-stop. An amazing way to help out any newborn mum is to offer to keep their home spick and span. By doing simple tasks such as washing dishes, wiping down surfaces or organising a clothes wash, you will be helping mum to feel more cool, calm and collected.

5. Keep the kids entertained

If the new mum in your life has older children to take care of, then we have no doubt that she would appreciate an extra helping hand! Looking after children on a regular basis is a tough role in itself, but adding a newborn into the mix can make things even more difficult. So, offering to keep the older kids entertained and settled can make the world of difference. Simple things such as taking them to the park during the afternoons or helping them with their bedtime routine in the evenings can massively help out newborn mums!