Changing time can be a challenge for mums as babies wriggle and fuss. But this regular activity doesn’t need to be a chore – in fact, you can actually use the time to strengthen the bond you share. Here’s how with Pampers’ loving clean routine.
Be organised
By ensuring you’ve got everything you need nearby, including a high absorption nappy such as Pampers New Baby, the process runs much more smoothly. A clutter-free changing space and good quality wipes will also make the process more efficient.
Pampers have developed a new range of wipes with a unique soft grip texture, which provide a gently and thorough clean with less wiping for baby’s delicate skin. The wipes, which are 15% thicker, come in either a fresh scent or fragrance-free, so there is always a right choice for your baby’s skin. They also have a moisture lock lid system for easier dispensing.
The right techniques
Keep one hand on your baby’s tummy to stop wriggling and avoid contaminating the genital area by wiping backwards towards your baby’s bottom. This is particularly relevant for girls and will help to keep things as clean as possible.
All you need is love
Changing time allows you to focus on your little one without distraction, making it the perfect time to exchange eye-contact and deepen the connection you share. Skin- to-skin contact can also calm your baby and help them sleep better, so give your little one a quick massage or even blow raspberries into their tummy.
Pampers Sensitive Wipes are also endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance, showing that they are kind to baby’s skin and are available now at major retailers nationwide [RRP €3.25]