Pastels, pinks and florals: All the nail design ideas you need for the new spring season!

The days are feeling lighter and brighter already and we think we may soon start spying little green shoots popping out of the earth! That’s right, spring is just around the corner people!

It’s been a long and wet winter, so we’re looking forward to blue sky days, lots of spring flora and better weather – but what we’re most looking forward to? Transitioning form our dark winter colours to our bright and colourful spring ones!

And we’re not just talking about our wardrobes – we can’t wait to try out some stunning spring pastels on our next trip to the nail salon!

This set is the fresh and beautiful design we need to welcome in the new season! Featuring delicate and detailed vines in a bright and on-trend green, it’s the in-touch with nature nod to spring that will help you welcome the brighter evenings and new spring plants coming up out of the earth! A really uplifting design, it’s the perfect little detail to brighten up your look this spring!

The natural-looking oval shape gives this a really pretty look that looks totally natural and the matte effect on the detailed nails catches your eye, adding a level of sophistication that we’re loving!


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Get your Valentine’s Day on with these stunningly romantic nail designs! The contrasting pink and red adds a bright and vibrant pop of colour that will draw every eye in the room. An understated design with the minimal tips, the heart details creates a quirky little twist on classic tips!

Utterly adorable and a pretty, sleek update to classic red Valentine’s nails, this upgrade is a fun little remix that you’ll be begging your nail tech to recreate!

Feminine boho-chic has never looked better! We’re in love with these springy and colourful nails that scream natural beauty. The design reminds us that spring’s flowers are just around the corner from popping out and gives us major stunning flower meadow vibes!

Another understated nod to Valentine’s Day with its subtle and petite heart, it almost becomes part of the flower-like designs to create a gorgeous and intricate design.


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Pastels and springtime go hand in hand! And this minimalistic design is the perfect fun take on spring pastels! Subtle, contrasting geometric designs outline the nails shape while the clear gap in the middle emphasises the lengths. The perfect style for anyone who wants a simple and subtle nod to the season, the pretty pastels are ideal.

The deeper and more vibrant colour on the lower half of the nail shows up the delicate pastels nicely and are a sophisticated and creative style to try this spring!

More pastels! This is for those who love a dramatic and fun look that’s all about creativity! The technique can be a little tricky to get the perfectly blended cloudy look, but this nail look is spot on! Reminding us of dreamy spring sunset skies and using all our favourite soft pastel colours, it’s the perfect fun look for the season.

Dreamy and whimsical, this is definitely the prettiest set of nails we’ve seen in a long time – we’ll be bringing this one to our nail techs next time!