The old saying assures us that even the smallest gesture of kindness can make a difference, and the tale behind the tiny purple hats in this story is proof of this.


Health watchdogs from states all over the US are calling on people all over the country to knit or crochet a tiny purple baby hat, to raise awareness of a very important condition: Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).


Also known as abusive head trauma, SBS is a serious brain injury incurred when a baby is forcefully shaken. SBS can result in seizures, paralysis, cerebral palsy and even death.


According to the National Centre on Shaken Baby Syndrome, one of the biggest triggers for SBS is frustration over long spells of crying or colic. In this case, the child’s period of discomfort is referred to as ‘purple’.



It is for this reason that the Centre – with the support of authorities from 16 states – are raising awareness of the condition through purple baby hats.


As part of their Click for Babies campaign (referring to the distinctive ‘click’ of knitting needles), the Centre is asking people to knit or crochet these hats and donate them to newborn babies.


In a statement, a representative from the Centre explained: “The campaign’s aim is to create awareness for parents to help them understand they are not alone in feeling overwhelmed, and identify triggers which they can recognise when they are feeling at their breaking point.


“Each letter of the word ‘purple’ stands for situations parents may be experiencing with their infant. For example, the ‘P’ stands for ‘peak crying’, the ‘L’ for ‘long-lasting’.”



Those who sign up for the campaign will receive all the materials they need to create one of these cute hats, including a knitting kit and the pattern, and simply have to send the hat off in the post.


The Centre are hoping to hit their target by October 1.


This is such an important and deserving cause, and judging by the latest social media posts, it is already garnering plenty of support.