Your little one’s first birthday is a day to be celebrated and no matter how big you want to make it or how small you want to keep it, the following eight things are sure to happen!


1. Cake will be squashed into your clean windows

You might have spent the past two days cleaning up just for a guest to smudge a large piece of chocolate cake into your windows!



2. Someone will cry - probably you.

Who’d have thought a birthday party could cause so much stress!



3. Your little one won’t know where to look

So many people so many presents your little one decides now is the time to be shy.



4. Your baby will fall asleep just as you light the candles

And you’ll have to wait now for them to wake up. Tea anyone?



5. You’ll keep saying: ‘where did the time go?’ Over and over again.

Baby will poop all over their Birthday outfit just before the guests arrive



6. Someone will spit out rather than blow out the candles. 

There's always one. 



7. Your baby will be sacred of the fire

Once you do light them your little one start crying. Quick blow them out. Quick!



8. There will be a fight

Getting the whole family together never turns out well!