When you’re in hospital, having just welcomed a baby, you expect to be in safe hands along with your child – which is why the following report is so alarming.


According to reports today, a 21-year-old woman has been arrested in Valencia, Spain for the attempted abduction of five newborns from two different hospitals.


The woman, who was dressed in a nurse’s uniform, is said to have travelled from one hospital to the other in less than eight hours, and was only caught when the father of one of the children became suspicious.


According to a statement from a police spokesman, the woman took the child from its family under the pretence of carrying out a heel prick test.



“She took the child from a relative’s arms but its father became suspicious and started to ask her about the supposed test, receiving incoherent answers in return. He snatched his child from her arms and the woman fled the room,” the statement read.


The father then alerted hospital staff and security, and the woman was found hiding in a toilet, having removed the nurse’s uniform.


Upon her arrest, police found a bus ticket among the woman’s belongings, linking her to another failed abduction attempt at a nearby hospital.


With police still investigating whether or not the woman was working alone, security at the hospital has reportedly been increased.


We hope that these babies are now safe with their families.


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