The old "power in numbers" phrase. Defined as "a group of people that has more power than one person."


To me, that sounds a little, well, helpless. 


Helpless to the point where in today's issues, whether it be aspects of parenting, politics, general society, that the power of individuality is lost. 


Personally, what I think about certain such issues, I like to be asked about my two cents rather than scream to the world that what I stand for is for everyone. 


But at the end of the day, my opinion isn't for everyone, nor would I want it to be. How boring would the world be if we all thought the exact same, with same opinions, wants, and dislikes? 


I for one am completely comfortable in my own thoughts, regardless of reading potentially influential opinions and paragraphs daily. That's just me. 


An important aspect though, is that I do respect other people's opinions, however different they may be, as long as they are put out there in a meaningful, straightforward and non-aggressive nature. 


I see a detrimental trend of attacking, from what is usually a group of people. Physically, emotionally, verbally. It's all around us, everyday.


Would we really do this to our own family and friends? Any sane person knows that neither is acceptable, from anyone, to anyone. 


A perfect example of this, is the current campaigning we see for the abortion referendum. During this campaign, posters have been ripped down, murals are being painted over, and there seems to be a huge divide both in person and online.


As I walk by people handing out leaflets, passers-by seem to just give them a wide birth, regardless of what side they are on. 


Maybe some of us are just sick of seeing the same thing, day in, day out, being reminded of something that we all know full well is happening. 


In my honest opinion, posters from either side aren't needed, leaflets aren't needed. long winded posts about other people's stories aren't needed. 


This is about you.


What have you experienced? What meaningful, logistic reasons have you got to back up your belief in which way you think is right? 


Our brains were developed to handle such things as relationships, the environment around us and experiences of life. All of this, decision making, weighing up the odds, and deciding how we, the individual would handle a specific situation. 


Nobody else is responsible for your thoughts, feelings and views, only you.


So I ask everyone, trust your own thoughts, views and opinions, but let them never destroy another's perspective. We all have a story to tell, they are all just different in their own ways. 


Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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