Proposing abroad: Top tips on how to secretly transport your ring on holiday

It might be the start of the spring season, but it’s also the season for proposals!

With the incredible sunny weather abroad, loved-up couples tend to take the opportunity to get engaged while on holiday, surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

One such example is former Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, who popped the question to the mum-of-one during a trip to Ibiza in July 2023.


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Although proposing abroad seems like a simple and foolproof idea, there are many obstacles to consider - including how to sneak your engagement ring through security protocols!

If you’re planning on proposing to your partner on an upcoming holiday, then listen up! Travel experts SkyParkSecure have devised a list of 7 crucial do’s and don’t’s that you should consider, so that you don’t end up accidentally spoiling your engagement surprise before it happens.

Take note of these top tips, and hopefully, your proposal will go smoothly:

1. Keep the ring in your hand luggage

Firstly, it’s important to note that you should keep your engagement ring in a safe and secure place when travelling. Although it might seem ideal to carry it in your pocket, the safest place to keep it is in your hand luggage. If you were to have the ring on you, it would likely trigger the security metal detectors, which would then result in a search and the surprise potentially being spoiled. So, keep the all-important box in your hand luggage, and hopefully, your partner will remain none the wiser.

2. Leave the ring in the box

Furthermore, when you are storing the ring away in your hand luggage, make sure that you keep it safe in its ring box. Yes, this does make it more awkward to pack and conceal, but securing the ring in its box means that you won’t damage it, and that it also won’t accidentally fall out of your bag during your journey. 

3. Don’t wrap it

If you’re worried about your partner opening your bag and spotting the ring box, then you might feel tempted to disguise it with some wrapping paper. However, this could end up going horribly wrong! If the box is wrapped up, then security officers might ask you to unwrap it for them, which, of course, would then ruin the surprise for your loved one. So, play it safe and keep it unwrapped, in its box, and tucked securely away in your hand luggage.

4. Use your shoes

If you’re looking for a specific place to keep the engagement ring safe in your hand luggage, then we have the perfect suggestion - a shoe! Placing it inside one of your spare shoes means that your partner will be less likely to spot it, and you won’t have to dig around to find it when you are unpacking. Simple!

5. Include a note

If you decide to place the ring in your shoe, then it might be a good idea to add a brief note alongside it. If a security officer needs to inspect your luggage, leave them a note to find, explaining the significance of the ring and its unusual packing place. Hopefully, this will then prompt the security guard to be discreet during their search!

6. Don't break any other rules

Of course, in order to minimise your chances of being stopped or queried by security guards, then you must follow the airport’s rules. By making sure that you’re following their rules around liquids, sharp objects, and undeclared food items, you will be able to glide through the security check quickly and not have to worry about your surprise potentially being ruined.

7. Research local customs and security rules

Lastly, before you head off on your special trip abroad, be sure to make note of the customs and security rules of your destination. The country you are about to enter might have different rules regarding the transportation of valuable items, such as jewellery. So, do your research beforehand, and hopefully you won’t encounter any unwelcome obstacles!