P.S. I Love You actress Hilary Swank reveals touching meanings behind names of twins

Hilary Swank has shared the meanings behind the unique names she chose for her 10-month-old twins. 

The P.S. I Love You actress welcomed her twins, a girl and a boy, into the world in April 2023 with her husband Philip Schneider.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, Hilary decided to reveal the unique monikers she and Philip named their little ones. 

The 49-year-old announced that the couple’s daughter is called Aya and their son is named Ohm.


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Now, after appearing on The Today Show, Hilary explained the touching inspiration behind the names. 

She said, “Aya was a Syrian refugee we met in Lebanon. So she was just this courageous, brave young girl full of light going through a really difficult time”.

“My husband and I were like, she’s so beautiful, what a great name”.

Revealing the heartwarming inspiration behind their son’s name, Hilary continued, “Ohm is considered the first universal sound and unites all people, and we just thought, ‘Oh that sounds very fitting’”.


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The Million Dollar Baby star also spoke out about her joyous experience of being a mum to her children. 

She admitted, “I think, you know, every mom I’ve heard says, ‘Oh, get ready to experience the greatest joy of your life’,  and I’m like, ‘Oh, no I know what great joy feels like, I have five dogs. I get it’”.

“Then you have babies and you’re like, ‘Oh’. The love is so expansive, it’s so incredible, so joyous”.

Hillary sweetly added, “And every single day I get to wake up and be with them is like my fullest purpose”.


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When announcing her rarely-seen children’s names with the world, Hilary unveiled a sweet photo of the little ones on the beach to her 1.6M Instagram followers. 

Their one-of-a-kind names were written in the sand behind them and she captioned the post, “I have a busy week of talk shows ahead where I’ll be sharing about my new film and a fun partnership, but I figured what better day to share the names of my two little loves with you all first”.

“Thanks for being here!! Happy Valentine’s Day”, she said before jokingly saying, “P.S. Who else has babies that think sand is edible?”.