Pucker up this National Lipstick Day with KASH Beauty

Be it a deeper, dusk or siren red, this July 29th calls for a celebration of all kinds of lipstick, and that’s exactly what KASH Beauty, and its founder Keilidh Cashell, are doing. From a deep muted reds, natural nudes to puckering pinks and coral hues, there is a kaleidoscope of colour within the KASH Beauty range of lipsticks, lip liners and gloss to marry together to create the perfect shade to suit all skin tones.

As a symbol of beauty and power, there is no product more timeless than that of the classic lipstick. There is a unique transformative power behind a simple swipe across the cupids bow that should never be underestimated. It is also there to accentuate one of our more powerful features – the lips; the opening to our soul and barer of our thoughts.

For 24 hours in celebration of National Lipstick Day, Ireland’s favourite homegrown cosmetic brand are offering all Lip products for €9.95, ensuring you have the perfect plethora of products to create a vast variety of looks, be it to add a subtle accent to a natural, en vogue style or a bold statement. Let your lips speak, making sure to punctuate them with your lipstick.

Providing an escape from the mundane and sheathing our pouts in dazzling, otherworldly shades and comforting hues – the colour combinations are endless - imparting an inner feisty confidence and a final ta-da to any look.

The KASH Beauty lip offerings are the ultimate in luxe, immovable lip colour. Created using a creamy, silky, ultra-wearable formula, with a delicious vanilla scent, each shade is guaranteed to bring out the best in any makeup look. The lipsticks are semi-matte and long-lasting, offering super-pigmented and buildable colour for every occasion.

KASH Beauty’s Seven Gorgeous Lip Shades:

Crystal Nights Collection - Veil: This neutral nude lipstick is muted and soft, adding a touch of chic to everyday makeup looks. Wear to professional events, day dates and dressed-down hangouts.

Crystal Nights Collection - Dawn: Add a touch of soft, rosy pink to any makeup look or outfit with this girly shade. Dawn is super-wearable and versatile, perfect for any occasion, bringing femininity to every look.

Crystal Nights Collection - Soleil: Brighten up a gloomy day with this gorgeous coral-toned lip shade. Soleil complements blusher well and will make any look pop, creating luminous lips that stand out.

Crystal Nights Collection - Blood Moon: This deep, muted red is a must-have shade for adding a hit of confidence. The understated colour is perfect for those who favour a more demure red lip and will instantly vamp up any look.

Secret Treasure Collection - Rose Nude: Designed to turn heads, this rosette nude is an elegant, en vogue style that’s perfect for creating a chic, feminine lip that complements any high-fashion look.

Secret Treasure Collection - Rust Nude: Mirroring the rustic, sugary tones of sand beneath the setting sun, Rust Nude is a soft peach-toned lipstick. Perfect for bringing the heat to any makeup look and creating a sultry, sexy pout.

Secret Treasure Collection - True Nude: This is a versatile, essential item for any makeup collection. This light, neutral nude pairs well with any look, whether you’ve got a work meeting, a light brunch or a big night out.

Crystal Nights Collection - Lip Gloss: Add sparkle to any makeup look with this high-shine lip gloss. Its crystal-clear formula features tiny, gleaming flakes of rose gold glitter, creating a rich, eye-catching effect, making it the perfect pairing for either on top of bare lips or your favourite lipsticks. For an added multi-use bonus, the gloss also works well as a highlighter, adding a stunning shimmer to skin, cheekbones or collarbones.

Complete the look with the KASH Beauty Secret Treasure Collection Lip Liners in shades Rose Nude, Rust Nude and True Nude for a flawless lip. 

To celebrate National Lipstick Day on July 29th, KASH Beauty are offering all lip products for €9.95 for 24 hours only! Terms and conditions apply.