When it comes to buying a cot simply walking into the shop and picking up the first one is not a good idea, nor is very practical.


While you are sure to have a number of things floating around your head about what you want there are a number of questions you need to ask:


1. How long do I want it to last for?

Is this your last baby or are planning on hanging on to the cot for any subsequent kids? How long you want it to last for is a pretty important question to ask yourself.


2. How much space have I got?

Cots can be big and bulky and you don't want to make your choice only for it not to fit in your house. Bring a measuring tape with you if you're worried.  


3. How much can I spend?

First and foremost you need to establish how much money you have to spend on the large piece of furniture. While it is important you stick within your budget do be realistic about what you want and need and how much money you have.



4. What colour do I want?

Cots come in a number of different colours and considering it can be pricey it is important you decided what colour you want when in the baby’s room, not when you are in the shop.


5. Is it safe?

One of the most important things you need to consider when getting a cot is to ask yourself if it is safe. Avoid getting a cot with a drop down side as they are considered unsafe and make sure it have the


6. Can I get one from a friend?

Cots and cot beds are really expensive so do ask family and friends before you buy one. most parents will be more than willing to give away their baby’s old bed to free up some space and you’ll find a lot are in reasonable good condition.


7. Do I want new or second hand?

First time parents are more inclined to want to buy everything new, but there is nothing wrong with second hand. Do ask yourself why you are going new and if you can really afford it before heading to the shop.