If you’re thinking of bringing a new dog into your home, there are many reasons to consider paying a visit to an animal shelter to choose your next pet.
1. You may save a life
While some shelters have a ‘no kill’ policy, unfortunately others may have to euthanize their animals if they cannot find a home for them. When you adopt a rescue dog, you may be saving that dog's life - which is an incredibly rewarding experience, and a great lesson to teach the kids. 
2. The shelter will have room for another dog
Not only are you giving a home to one dog, but you may save the life of another by making room in the shelter. Shelters that don't euthanize can only help so many dogs before they fill up. When you adopt, they have room for one more.
3. The dog will be healthier
Dogs in shelters have usually been checked out by the vet, neutered and are up-to-date on vaccinations they may need. This means that you're adopting a dog you know is healthy. If there are any issues, the shelter will be upfront with you so there are no surprises.
4. You'll save money
Adopting a dog is much more affordable than buying a dog from a pet shop or breeder. While price varies from shelter to shelter, and in many case are free, you will save money not only on the cost of the dog, but on vet care too. 
5. You won't support puppy mills
You never know what conditions a pet shop dog was r