A new pooch is a wonderful addition to a family, and can bring years of happiness and friendship to your home
That said, here are some reasons that may be the wrong ones for choosing a dog for a family pet.
1. For the kids
This will be your dog, and nobody else’s sole responsibility. After the 'honeymoon period', the kids may only play with the dog, occasionally. They may groan and grumble about any dog-related responsibilities, doing them, begrudgingly, only after significant prodding from you. As children's interests and activities change, over the years, their level of involvement with the dog will most likely be, inconsistent, at best. Additionally, your children, especially, young children, will need to be 'trained' in how to behave with the dog and will need to be supervised when with the dog.
2. For protection
Some experts argue that the only time is it a good idea to get a dog for the purpose of protection is in professional or agricultural situations and only when the owner/trainer is humane and knowledgeable of dog behaviour and dominant dog training/handling. In all other situations, they suggest, an alarm system, security fence, or other measures are much more appropriate and effective.
3. To breed puppies
The breeding of dogs is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  If it is not your intention to remain responsible for all of your puppies for their entire lives, including being willing to take back and care for those who may find themselves homeless, it’s not a good idea to do not enter into this plan. If you are planning on breeding for profit, understand that there are much easier, more profitable and ethical ways to make money. Dogs are living beings and dog breeding requires a significant investment of time, money, work, knowledge, both academic and practical, patience, and emotional fortitude, to be done responsibly and humanely. Visit a few of the shelter and rescue websites, or your local shelter, and witness the problem yourself.  View the faces of the homeless dogs and talk to the volunteers and staff who, all too often, must take that 'final walk' with them.
4. Because breed X is 'cool'/cheap
One of the worst reasons to get a dog, or any other animal, for that matter, is because of their physical appearance or popularity due to a movie, TV show, or other publicity. Often, these venues feature exotic, rare or unique breeds that are, in the overwhelming majority of pet situations, unsuitable as companions. This visibility may also draw out those 'breeders' whose primary motivation is profit versus health, temperament, structural soundness and the welfare of their dogs. Dogs are never really 'free' or 'cheap' and, in reality, require significant financial, physical, time, and environmental resources.  At a minimum, none of these, or other such reasons, are sound selection factors for getting a dog and selecting a particular breed or mix.   
Owning a dog is a huge commitment, and there are many important things to consider before taking on this responsibility. 
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