Redecorating Hacks! 6 simple tricks for a cosier living space

Is yours the kind of house where people would rather hang out in the kitchen than the sitting room? In the evenings after dinner, does everyone just…drift back to their rooms, instead of the living space? Have you ever wondered why?

Have a quick look around you living room; What do you see?

Is it the kind of place that looks inviting? Cosy? A place to hang out and relax? Or is it a little…bare? Formal? Unhomely?

Fortunately, we have some quick, inexpensive hacks to make your living cosy, comfortable and still utterly stylish. A few small changes can make a total difference to the entire feel of the room!

Zoning is key

Bright modern room interior in studio

How your room is laid out is more important than you think! No, I’m not talking about feng shui – I wouldn’t know where to start – but more so about the flow of the room. Do you know where the focal point is? How your seating is arranged? Does it invite people in or shut them out?

Photo Of Elegant and  Cozy Home

One handy tip is to make little seating clusters if you have multiple armchairs and sofas. By grouping them into cosy little arrangements, it invites people into the room naturally.

If you have a long room that seems echoing and too large, try splitting it with a long sofa down the middle to create two spaces.

Play with colour

Living Room

If you’re renting or only staying temporarily somewhere, actually painting the place might not be an option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce some warm and inviting colour into the place!

Gray Couch with White Accent Beside White Wall

Colour palettes like warm autumnal colours – burgundies, mustards, deep chocolate browns – can make all the difference, even as accent colours. Pick up a pillow or a blanket, a couple of frames or whatever to create a more pulled together and soft look.

Speaking of blankets…

green and white striped textile

Texture is absolutely key. If your living room is all leather, glass surfaces, cold colours and bare wall, its not going to retain heat or create a cosy atmosphere. The simple purchase of a few textured pieces – a rug, a shaggy throw, a velvet pillow – can transform a space from cold and uninviting to the new hangout spot in seconds!

Don’t worry about mixing and matching materials – it all creates a textured feel and the contrast often works. I would advise against going for anything overly cheap looking, but natural textures and materials will liven up any space!


Brown Wooden Sofa Set With Lighted Table Lamp

Golden hour isn’t the only time for optimum lighting! The mood of a room can be hugely affected by the lighting that you have in it.

Beige Floor Lamp with Wooden Tripod

If the only source of lighting in the room is your overhead light, then something’s gone wrong. It’s important to have varying sources of light for the different needs and functions of the room. Lamps, both standing and table are vital to create a glow and cosy atmosphere.

Not only functional but also a great way to accessorise add some of your signature style to the room!

Make it personal!

Four Paintings on Wall

Having accessories around the place is all well and good, but if they say nothing about you, your interests or your life, what’s the point? You might as well be in a show room!

Bunch of Photo Print

Framed family pictures, and nice mementos are always going to add a more homey feel to a room. It will give the place a relaxed and personal vibe and also add a little homey clutter. If it’s too minimal it’s not inviting.

Make it smell amazing

Photo of Person Holding Scented Candle

No, that doesn’t mean baking everyday! Scented candles are the new must-have for every home. Find a signature scent that you like – there are thousands out there for every taste – and light it in the evenings to permeate the air with a relaxing and soothing scent. Engage all your senses and go into total relaxation mode!

red and white candle holder

Which tips are you going to try out?